My name is Kirsty Thompson, I studied art and design at college and have continued this as a hobby throughout University.  The first 2 photos shown below are commissions I have done from images/discussing ideas with clients.  This is the perfect way for you to create a unique picture that is personal to you.  I would like to do alot more of this and welcome a challenge.


These are a mixture of canvas's and pages from my art books, done in oil, acrylic and chalk.  Prices will depend on the choice of media and size.  For example the first image is a triptych, custom made size (2x 30cmx60cm 1x 60cmx60cm), oil paint from a picture and sold for £150.  Smaller pieces (36cmx45cm) such as the landscape of Salcombe Estury (last image) sold for £50.

Please contact me on for further information